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Cinq Music & Rancho Humilde, a pairing made for success

  • After their successful showcase at SXSW 2023, the companies continue working to bring the best of Mexican music to the world.
  • Rancho Humilde’s Ivonne Galáz, Janine, and Tania Domínguez have been re-defining the landscape of Latin music.

LOS ÁNGELES (March 2023) Following a recent infusion of cash, the indie label and distributor Cinq Music launched a significant number of hits throughout 2022. Chief among them is the continued investment into the Regional Mexican genre, providing Rancho Humilde with growth capital to take its business to the next level. The two are extending their agreement to further expand the number 1 independent record label in Regional Mexican music. 

Here are some hits that reaffirm Cinq Music’s efforts alongside partner Rancho Humilde:

  • ‘En El Radio Un Cochinero’ | Victor Cibrian | Rancho Humilde | Single

The song has more than 154M streams on Spotify, in addition to surpassing 114 million views on YouTube. This song by Victor Cibrian won the award for “Viral Song of the Year” at Mexico’s Premios de la Radio, and it’s not surprising, because the song found its success on short-form video platforms like TikTok and Reels, being the soundtrack for various entertaining situations for fans of Regional Mexican music. Victor continues to gain momentum with the help of the label Rancho Humilde and the distribution of Cinq Music.

  • ‘No Le Aflojo’ | Los Gemelos De Sinaloa & Fuerza Regida | Rancho Humilde | Single

Nominated in the New Artist of the Year category at the 2022 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Los Gemelos de Sinaloa managed to win attention from the music industry and from fans of Regional Mexican music. ‘No Le Aflojo,’ a collaboration with the renowned group Fuerza Regida, triumphed with its numbers on digital platforms. reaching 96M streams on Spotify and 30M on Apple Music, in addition to holding for nearly 20 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart and 20 weeks on Spotify Charts-Top 200 Mexico.

  • ‘Sorry For The Wait 2’ | Herencia de Patrones | Rancho Humilde | Álbum

One of the albums with the most streams under the Cinq Music label, ‘Sorry For The Wait 2’ reaffirmed the talent of Herencia de Patrones. Upon its debut in March of this year, it ranked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Albums chart (dated March 28). This production of the norteño-urbano group managed to accumulate nearly 13M listens on Spotify, 8.08M on Apple and 265k on Amazon Music.

In the coming year, the companies will set their focuses on Porte Diferente; the group is shaping up to be one of the most buzzworthy groups of 2023. With their album ‘Con Un Porte Diferente Vol. 2,’ they achieved 2.4M streams on Spotify, 12.7k on Apple, and 20k on Amazon Music.

  • Women with strong voices

To these successes are added the female voices that created a lot of buzz with their talent during the year. Women such as Ivonne Galáz, Tania Dominguez, Elyfer Torres, and Janine, among others, became Las Diosas de Rancho Humilde (The Goddesses of Rancho Humilde), increasing plays and views of their songs on various digital platforms. These women have each made their own undeniable and influential mark on today’s Latin music scene.

 “In a male-dominated industry, it’s always great seeing women succeed. Here at Cinq, we have some amazingly talented artists and employees. It’s an honor to be surrounded with like-minded women!” Diana Schweinbeck, Director of Marketing at Cinq Music

The partnership, first established in after working together to support a variety of artists, which in addition to those previously mentioned also include Fuerza Regida, Legado 7, El De La Guitarra and Natanael Cano, Cinq Music and Rancho Humilde, two companies driven by belief, vision and communication and that have a shared vision for the future of their businesses and for the industry, will continue promoting this high level of talent and will continue cultivating success with them.

“We both believe in each other and what we can achieve together, and we are constantly communicating with one another about everything. I look forward to what the future brings as we continue to partner with Rancho Humilde and work together to bring its talented roster of artists to the forefront of the industry,” said Cinq President Barry Daffurn.

“We’ve already proven the powerful strength that comes from working together. Cinq is the perfect partner to continue with this unstoppable movement that is Mexican music. We’re very excited about what 2023 will bring for us as a team,” Rancho Humilde CEO Jimmy Humilde shared. 

Cinq Music and Rancho Humilde also plan to further deepen their working relationship in the near future and hope to collaborate on a project geared specifically toward Latin music. 

Cinq Music Group has been a long-time development ally in the Latin music genre, helping their indie label partners launch the careers of De La Ghetto, Darell, Justin Quiles, Anuel, Myke Towers, and Brray, and most recently assisting their indie label partners sign Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida, DannyLux, and Group Marca Registrada, who have all signed huge deals with major labels.

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